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5 Awesome 5k Runs


These awesome 5k runs will get make you love running all over again.


The Color Run


The Color Run claims itself to be the happiest 5k on the planet and it sure looks like it. Just google the run and you get hundreds of smiling faces splashed with color. It was the first 5k run of its kind and has sparked a whole new genre of fun 5k races. Wear all white at the starting line and be doused with color by the finish line, then enjoy the after party.


Warrior Dash


Warrior Dash is a 5k race with 12 obstacles that are scattered throughout. Since 2009 it’s had over 2 million participants and invented a new type of 5k run. At the finish line you will be wet, muddy and tired, but that won’t stop you from celebrating with your exclusive warrior dash medal, a t-shirt, a fuzzy viking helmet and an ice cold beer. If that’s not enough be sure to hit up the after party for some dancing and celebrating with friends. Now you are officially part of Warrior Nation.


5k RunDead


This 5k will test your speed and endurance while being chased by ravenous zombies. Runners get flags that represent your health and the zombies will try to take your flags. You must have at least one flag remaining at the end of the course or you become one of the walking dead. Prizes are awarded for both runners and zombies. No crossbows allowed.


Electric Run


Electric Run is a night time 5k with LED lights and heart-thumping music. Runners wear electrobands that sync with the music as well as other runners. Different styles of music blare throughout the run and fellow runners sport glow in the dark body paint and neon lights. At the finish line is an epic party with a live DJ and a light show synced to your electroband.


R.O.C. Race


A game show-inspired ossicle run featuring ridiculous obstacles. The event is untimed and is open to anyone ages 13 and up. Runners can wear silly costumes and race as teams. You’ll probably get wet, foamy and beat up by ridiculous moving obstacles, but that’s what you signed up for now isn’t it.


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