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Hi, I’m Jesse

Welcome to my travel blog. A place where you can learn about traveling, find information on destinations around the world, and make your life an adventure.

My story and why I travel

Adventure is out there waiting for you.


I want to help you along your journey to make your life an adventure. This travel blog is a place where you can find motivation and be inspired. A place where you can meet fellow travelers. A place that can help you plan your first trip or your next.

Travel is something very special that everyone should experience. When you travel something amazing happens. You feel energetic and invigorated. You feel anxious or frightened. You feel lost or found.


You experience things you had no idea were possible. You push your own boundaries. Simply put, travel makes you find who you really are.

I’m guessing you’re here because you want to seek adventure for the first time or to find tips, guides, and inspiration for your next trip. Either way, I’m here to help make it easier and show you that it can and should be done.

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