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Amsterdam Canal Cruise


Visiting Amsterdam is not complete without a canal cruise. After all, the sights of the beautiful city and its magnificent architecture are best viewed by boat. There are several different companies that offer you an array of various tours such as, a daytime tour, a night tour, a short tour, a long tour, a party tour, an open boat tour and plenty more. You really can’t go wrong as you will get the best views of the city from any boat on the water.

Our group decided that we wanted a smaller, more intimate boat to have more to ourselves. We had noticed some 10-12 person boats cruising down the channel and decided to aim for one of those. There were six of us and that meant that we would get at least half of the boat to ourselves, but we were worried about the wait.

We waited in line for Friendship Amsterdam which turned out to be an amazing choice. The line wasn’t very long, but we did wait a couple of boats before boarding. I asked for the smaller boat, Curacao, which had a table in the center with some snacks and alcohol. The only thing better than an Amsterdam canal tour is one with alcohol. We were joined by another group of six who were just as excited as us to be on the small intimate tour.

Laura and Carl were our guides and they did an amazing job. They talked about the history of the city and the architecture of the buildings we were passing along the way. Laura poured whatever drinks we wanted and kept them coming when our glass was low. Carl captained the boat and the girls were swooning over him. Both of them were funny and easygoing which made the experience light and enjoyable. Captain Carl even let a couple of the girls in our group drive the boat for a bit. Don’t worry, we all made it out alive.

Amsterdam by canal tour is a must when you visit this popular dutch city. There are amazing views around every turn and you will get a true feel of just how special this city is. I recommend Friendship Amsterdamas they made our experience an unforgettable one.


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