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Cozumel Travel Guide


Cozumel is a small island off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula that has the culture of Mexico infused with the beauty of the Caribbean. The island was declared one of the best areas in the world to scuba dive by Jacques Cousteau in the 1960’s and quickly became a travel destination. Today, the island welcomes more than one million travelers a year due to it’s popular cruise ports. Most of the island is still not developed leaving beautiful strips of natural beaches and jungles.

Traveling To Cozumel

Flying to Cozumel is easy as the island has its own airport that is accessible from most countries. Most travelers however, will reach the island by cruise stop. There are several cruises that stop at the island on their route and some cruises that are geared specifically towards Cozumel.


There are several hotels and resorts on the west coast of the island and some are all-inclusive in price meaning food, drinks and some activities are also included with your stay. Depending on what the focus is of your trip should determine whether you want an all-inclusive or generic hotel. If you can spend a little extra for a room overlooking the ocean it will be worth every penny.

Prices and Currency

The currency in Cozumel is the Mexican Peso (MXN). Prices can be cheap if you look for deals and stay out of the touristy areas. However, the island’s ever-growing popularity and tourist traps can hike up the price if you are not careful. Make sure to do research before your trip and read tips on how to save in Cozumel.


There are countless activities on the small island of Cozumel. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and canoeing along the coast. Go inland and you’ll find zip lining, hiking and off roading through the jungle. You can take various tours or check out the island’s museum. There is a small nightlife in the town of San Miguel, but most places close when the last cruise ship departs for the day. Read the 10 best activities in Cozumel for more.

Food and Drinks

Food in Cozumel can range from fresh bounty of the local waters to culinary classics of the Yucatan. From the Mexican classics of tamales, enchiladas and tacos to delicious seafood to some Caribbean dishes you really can’t go wrong. Look for local restaurants deeper in San Miguel and around the island for the best experience and price. The further from the cruise docks the better. If you rent a car or moped to travel around the island stop at Mezcalitos which has some of the most amazing seafood dishes.

Drinks are decently priced on the island and usually easy to find. There are a few popular bars in San Miguel such as Senor Frogs and Hard Rock Cafe. If you venture to more remote parts of the island you can find some smaller bars and restaurants with their own flare such as Coconuts and a couple of Bob Marley bars. Be sure to try some tropical specialties and a coconut drink.


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