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Jesse Takes Oktoberfest


After a 10 hour flight, a 5 hour layover in London, another 2 hour flight, a train ride and a taxi to my hotel, I finally made it to Munich! Add a 9 hour time difference and it only took me 28 hours to arrive.

At the hotel, I met up with my friend, Eliseo, who had just taken a long train ride himself. It was already almost 10 PM and we were far too tired to do much of anything, so we poured our first two German beers and called it a night.




We headed out into Munich in search of the Theresienwiesen, the grounds where Oktoberfest is held. We had somehow decided that we didn’t need a map and therefore ended up walking the streets of Munich aimlessly for a bit. We passed several large buildings, and quaint streets. The architecture varied throughout the city, but the gothic style buildings were pretty amazing. We wound up in Marienplatz, a large open square, where you can find the most amazing building in Munich, the New Town Hall. The building has 400 rooms and a large clocktower with almost life sized moving figures.

We found some free wifi nearby and got directions to Oktoberfest. After a short train ride we simply followed the masses of people to the holy land of beer. We easily found seats at the Lowenbrau tent as it was the early afternoon. Then, we ordered our first official beers of Oktoberfest!

We walked around the festival and checked out a few beer tents with different vibes. For more on the beer tents of Oktoberfest click here. We met new friends, heard popular Oktoberfest music and drank more beer. So. Much. Beer.




We got up early sporting mild hangovers, but they were Oktoberfest hangovers, so we didn’t mind them much. Our first stop was Munich’s Englischer Garten where we saw surfers riding some waves. Yes, there are surfers in Germany. They ride on a wave in a man-made river in the park.

Next, we headed to the one and only Hofbrauhaus which was right next to the Hard Rock Cafe. We had some good old bavarian grub and a liter of beer, of course. We now had a full stomach which meant we were off to day two of Oktoberfest

We headed to the Spaten tent which is one of the livelier ones. Luckily, it was early enough to get in. The tents fill up quickly and seating is very hard to find as the night goes on. We raised our steins and drank the night away while belting out popular tunes with people from around the world. It was an epic and jolly good time and I definitely plan on retuning.

Cheers until next time Oktoberfest!


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