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My Sony A6300 Setup


The first time I took my Sony A6300 on a trip was to Iceland and boy was it a great decision. I had purchased a wide angle lens with the camera and it came in handy for those amazing landscape shots that you can find in every inch of Iceland. I only wish that I had all the other accessories that I use now.

I’ve been through several different accessories and I’m always finding new gadgets and add-ons that make travel blogging and photography easier as well as more professional. Here are my favorite accessories for my Sony A6300.

Sony 10-18mm wide Angle Lens

This lens is by far my favorite. It is perfect for those expansive landascapes. It widens the shot for those weird and ridiculous videos that we all do. I mean, that’s not just me right? It is ideal for blogging by being able to get a wider shot when you are holding the camera an arms length from your body. I usually have this lens on my camera when I’m shooting.


The SmallRig was a whole new world for me. It is a case that fits around your entire camera and allows you to create a customized setup. I usually carrry a lot of accessories and this was just what I needed. It allowed me to add on everything that I needed and kept my setup as compact as possible. This is a must have in my opinion.

Rode Videomicro

This microphone is compact, lightweight, and gets the job done for video blogging. I love the fact that it is super small as I like to keep my rig as compact as possible. I also highly reccomend the deadcat windscreen with it as it makes a huge difference in the audio. For a higher end mic you can go for the videomic pro.

Litra Torch 2.0

For those haunted houses, bat caves, secret tunnels, creepy woods, underground cities, and maybe just a normal dark night you need this guy. The Litra Torch is bright, waterproof, and the back is magnetic. That’s right, you can stick it to any piece of metal to help light your shot. Or just buy the mounts below to attach it to your SmallRig.

SmallRig Cold Shoe Mount

These are extra cold shoe mounts to add any accessory that you need to your rig. They come in a pack of two and I use at least one at all times. Keep in mind that the SmallRig comes with a built in cold shoe and the handle has another one, so you may not need extras of these if you only have two accessories.

SmallRig Hot Shoe Mount

These are what attach the piece of equipment to the cold shoe on the rig. Especially good to have if you carry a lot of accessories. 

SmallRig External Power Bank Bracket

Let’s face it, the batteries in the Sony A6300 are not the greatest, especially if you are shooting video or taking a timelapse. For a day of exploring and shooting you need more battery power. You could buy extra batteries, but I prefer a power bank. They not only keep your camera going, but if you get a power bank like the one below, it can charge your camera battery and an additional item at the same time. This bracket will allow you to carry one on your rig.

Anker 2-Port Power Bank

I’ve been using Anker pretty much since the begining of my Sony A6300 shooting days. I’ve never had an issue with any of there products except that they tend to lose some power over the years, but they are cheap enough to replace every 5 years or so and the capacities keep getting better. I currently use a 2 port to charge the camera along with the monitor below.

Feelworld 4k Monitor

I was never big on using a monitor because it just added too much to a camera setup. It made things big and bulky and really unmanegable for me when I was on adventures. Enter the SmallRig! When I got the SmallRig I realized that a monitor was not only a possiblility, but I could still keep the entire setup very compact. The Feelworld monitor was the cheapest and it’s done great for me. The image is crisp and clear and the sun visor helps on a bright day.

Hotshoe Monitor Mount

I use this hotshoe extended mount for my Feelworld monitor. I also place it on the top cold shoe of the SmallRig handle. That way it sits a little taller and is easier to view the picture.

Usb to 3.5mm Jack

I bought this to attach the power bank to the external monitor on my rig. This keeps me from worrying about battery life.

Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

You’ll need this cable to attach the Feelworld monitor to the Sony A6300 camera.


The Joby GorillaPod is perfect for video blogging. You can use the legs as a handle while Vlogging selfie style. You can use it as a table top tripod at the restaurant or bar. You can attach it to a tree, pole, fence or anything that will hold the camera’s weight as the legs are super flexible. Another plus is that the GorillaPod will screw directly into the SmallRig.

Quick Release Plate

In order to quickly move the camera on and off of a larger ground tripod I attach the Manfrotto quick release plate to my rig and I am ready for hand held or steady tripod shots anytime.


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