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New Orleans Haunted Pub Crawl


When I think of New Orleans two things that instantly pop into my head are the Supernatural and drinking on Bourbon street. Therefore, it is fitting that Haunted History Tours offers a haunted pub crawl. I did the crawl and it did not disappoint.

Some good friends joined me on this trip as we took over New Orleans for Halloween weekend. We wanted food, drinks, tours, and to capture the culture and supernatural vibe of this wonderful city. We ended up taking 3 tours total and this one was a spur of the moment addition. The tour was $20 per person and we paid, without a reservation, at the meeting spot which was at Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo.

After checking out Reverend Zombie’s and a few other souvenir shops, we headed outside to meet our tour guide, Doug. He was sporting a top hat and some dark priest robes that added to the theme of the night.

The first stop was Cornet Restaurant, close to the famous Bourbon Street. Doug took us to a private room in the back and told stories of the resident ghosts. The manager came in and let us know of their signature infused drinks and we were off to the bar. Doug encouraged us to take pictures while we were served, as we might catch an apparition on camera.

Next stop was Bar Moncher which was a completely different vibe. It was darker, more gothic, and almost an underground type place as it was off of the main drag. I especially liked the life size coffin you could take pictures in. The drinks were cheap and strong at the full bar. They have cherries that are soaked in alcohol for a couple bucks, which are awesome. Also, be sure to try their signature Blue Hawaiian drink. This bar is right across the street from the Herman-Grimma house that was used to film scenes from American Horror Story.

NOTE: Bar Moncher is now The Starlight.

The final stop on the crawl was The Dungeon, revered for late night hours and gritty rock and roll. It’s a bar that you might not find if you didn’t know about it. You start by walking down a narrow alley that opens up into a courtyard and finally into a small, dimly-lit bar. The vibe is dark and macabre and the decor is very skeleton-halloween. I absolutely loved this place and the fact that it doesn’t even open until 10:30pm. With drinks like Dragon’s Blood, Witches Brew, and Midnight Potion, you can’t go wrong here.

Our guide, Doug, was knowledgable about all the ghost stories at each location and around New Orleans in general. He was fun and interesting and kept the entire tour on track, no matter how much we drank. Ultimately, this tour is a blast and you get to try some great drinks which is a unique part of the New Orleans experience.

Keep in mind, the bars along this tour may vary as each guide has their own tour route and time schedule.


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