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Traveling On A Budget


Many of those who travel simply do not have the luxury of an unlimited income. Even more can barely afford to take a trip at all. Traveling can be very expensive if you don’t plan ahead and budget wisely. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to travel on a budget.

Let me first say that the term “budget” is different for everyone. One person’s budget can differ greatly from another’s. This guide will help you to save regardless of what your budget is, but it will focus on those who do not have much money to spare at all.


Tip 1: Be Patient


Check every single vacation website several times a day for great deals. When searching for plane tickets, hotels or house rentals don’t always get the first deal you see. Websites like Groupon and Living Social can have deals that are intriguing, but they may not always be the best deal that you will find. Always check the big sites such as Expedia, Kayak, and There are also sites like Apple Vacations which offer all-inclusive trips that can sometimes be great deals. Make sure to check all of the travel websites for flights and hotels daily. search for the very best deals, then wait for those deals to go lower in price.


Tip 2: Plan Ahead


Sometimes when traveling it’s fun to explore at your own pace and not know the complete details of a trip, but planning ahead can save you some serious cash. If you know where you are going and what you are doing it will help you save unnecessary spending such as taxis and last minute overpriced tickets. If you have an itinerary you can book the hotel that is the closest  to your activities, tickets to your events and research the food and shops in the area before arrival. This can all help save money.


Tip 3: Tuesdays Are Not Just For Tacos


There is a myth that Tuesdays are the best days to buy all your main traveling expenses because there are great deals on that day, especially for flights. This might actually be true.

My friends and I saw a package deal at an all inclusive resort on Orbitz. The price was great at about $1100 for flight and 6 days, 5 nights at the hotel. We decided not to buy and to continue checking periodically. We then saw the price drop down to $830 on a Tuesday. Not sure yet if this was our next destination, we again did not buy. Shortly after we decided that this resort was the one we wanted, but the price had gone back up. We were patient and all three of us continued to check vacation sites daily. I was at work one day when my friend called and told me that the price was back down to $850. We bought the tickets immediately. This was on a Tuesday. Then we had tacos.


Tip 4: Over-calculate


Remember math class ? I hated math class!
Budgeting for a trip is something that can sometimes be stressful and depressing, especially when the trip is around the corner and you realize you will to have to cut some activities out or eat at McDonalds everyday on your vacation. There is a simple way to help with that. Over-calculate!

It seems that most people like to round down when looking at prices. Why do you think they make prices $1.99 instead of $2.00? It looks much cheaper to the eye and we think 1 not 2. Start thinking 2! If you start rounding up in everyday life it will come natural to over budget and save money. When I use my debit card my bank rounds up to the dollar and throws the change in my savings account. When I’m shopping at the store and keeping track of the price in my head, I round up. When I’m calculating my bills for the month, I round up. The only thing that I round down is my paycheck, which only enforces the idea of saving money.

When planning your trip, don’t try to budget down to the penny. There will be things that you will have to pay for that you may not think of. Be prepared for these by rounding up and bringing more money than you plan on spending.

When you are budgeting for flights, hotels, food or transportation be sure to round up. If my flight will be around $625, I will round it up to $650 or maybe even $700. if I see hotels running for $115 per night I will budget $125 or $150 per night. This way you are assuring that you will save extra money and maybe even a lot of extra money if you get the flight, hotel or service at a cost lower than you initially expected. Make a list of all your over-budgeted traveling activities and expenses and save up that amount. You will have less stress leading up to your trip and be able to enjoy it without worry.


Tip 5: Tourism Is A Business


In some countries you might not want to venture outside of the tourist areas due to war or crime, but for those that are safe be sure to explore. If you stick to the tourist areas while traveling you are sure to spend more money simply because prices will be more expensive. Sometimes just a few blocks away from a landmark, dock or airport you can find much cheaper prices on food, drinks and souvenirs. Make sure you are aware of the exchange rate and use that to your advantage. Also, be aware of the culture. In some cultures it is routine to negotiate and this will help you save money, just be sure to research how to haggle in that country. Sometimes a smile can make or break your approach


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Traveling On A Budget

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