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White Water Rafting In Interlaken, Switzerland


It was our first full day in Interlaken and the only thing we had booked so far was Canyoning which we were doing tomorrow. We had no plans to go white water rafting as the the days adventure was going to be Hang gliding! Elsa and I had grabbed a cup of coffee after a nice early morning run. On our way back we stopped by the Outdoor Interlaken office, which was conveniently a block from our apartment. That’s where our plans began to change.

We saw a pamphlet for white water rafting and decided to bring it back to see if anyone was interested. Eliseo and our friend Laryn were both in so we got ready for the day and headed down to see if we could fit it into the schedule.

It was 9:20AM when we re-entered Outdoor Interlaken. We bought our Hang gliding tickets and inquired about White water rafting. The hang gliding was at 2PM and we were figuring out what we could do in the meantime. That’s when we were told that the rafting trip left in 10 minutes. We all looked at each other with widened eyes. Are we going to do this? Hell yes we are! Could we actually make it in time? We sure as hell were going to try! I told the host we would have to run down the block to grab our things. With only a few minutes, we were off to the races!

After changing into swimsuits and tossing a bunch of junk in a backpack, we booked it back with time to spare. We signed our waivers and set out on the beginning of our Interlaken adventures!

We practiced a little on land in the raft, but quickly got into the water and started our trip on the river. This was my first time rafting and I couldn’t have found a better place to do it. There is a reason why Interlaken is the adventure capitol of the world. We got some fun pics on the water, until things got a little more intense.

The rapids were rough and at a pretty high point for this time of year, but we handled them well with the help of our guide Allen, who was super cool and a great teacher. It was a great workout and so much fun knowing that you are taking on a raging river.

We had a safety guide along as well, Julian, in a kayak in case anyone went overboard and got swallowed in the current. However, we didn’t need Julian when they made us jump out of the raft into the rapids because they made us rescue each other. That was pretty fun.

Some pictures were taken by their photographer, Andy, who was on land on a motorbike snapping some great shots. This team from Outdoor Interlaken was super experienced, fun and laid back which made the trip even more amazing.

You can’t go rafting without being a team and trusting each other. Your rowing has to be in sync or you could easily end up on a rock or tipped over. Allen did a great job in directing us and keeping us together. Everytime we passed a rough patch of river we would touch our oars together in celebration.

The river ended up flowing into lake Brienz where we had a dip in the ice cold water before heading back to Outdoor Interlaken to shower and change. This was truly an amazing experience and a lot of that had to do with the really amazing people at Outdoor Interlaken.


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